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    Exhaust Upgrade Prevents Air Tube Reconnection

    I have a problem I am hoping some pwc motor god can help with. My 2010 STX-15F came with an exhaust upgrade. The upgraded pipes extending from the muffler to the exhaust outlet now make it impossible to reconnect one of the air tubes. There is barely 1.5" inches of clearance between the air port flange (onto which the air tube connects) and the exhaust pipes. That's just not enough room to reconnect it. That air port (under the seat) has a Frogzskin on it to, presumably, slow water intrusion in event of capsize. Well, I capsized and water got in the hull real quickly- too quickly. I think the Frogzskin wasn't up to the task of resisting the water pressure.

    Any ideas on what I can do to reduce/eliminate possibility of intrusion next time (short of losing the exhaust upgrade)?

    I was hoping I could find an air tube that was the right diameter (2.5") and SUPER flexible so I could snake it through that 1/5" clearance and secure it to the flange, but I haven't been able to locate one.

    Any thoughts?

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    Usually the frogskinz are legit and will keep water out if theyre sealed around the hole correctly...

    If you're looking for air duct the oem duct is what i would consider "very" flexible. You can find it in the oem parts finder. Shouldnt matter to much if it touches the pipe, pipe shouldn't be hot enough to melt it. If for some reason it is that hot put a few wraps of headder wrap around the areas the duct may touch

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    If capsizing is a possibility where you ride you can put a rubber pvc cap over the flange, they are about 1 inch thick, you may have a little less airflow into the hull, but its better than sinking, try it once & see if you lose any rpms at full throttle, if not leave the cap on, otherwise you could make a hole somewhere in the hood area & can attach a flexhose that drops into the hull allowing more air but no water if capsized.

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    Frogskinz are water resistant not water proof....they are used to keep water droplets out, not to keep water out if under water....

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    Is the white plastic tube attached at the front where the steering is located?

    Check for holes In the hood liner.


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