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    Glad I found this awesome forum. Hope some members here can shed some direction on where to go with diagnosing this.

    I'm a first time jet ski owner and just picked up a 2001 GP800r with 94 HRs on it. Previous owner just had the local powersports dealer rebuild the carbs and it ran like a top, started right up, idled awesome........... that's until I tried to flush the system with a hose.

    Started up the ski, fired up the hose right away and then, the ski stalled out ! I forgot to turn the fuel knob to on from off. Ran and turned off the hose 7 seconds later.

    Ski was hard to start there after but it eventually did start after 5-7 tries. Following some online instructions about possible water in the motor, pulled the plugs, only cylinder #1 plug had a very small amount of grayish color oil in it. Pulled both plugs and grounded them to run the cylinders to see if anymore water was in it and nothing splashed out.

    Week after this mis-hap the ski does start up but not right away as it did when I first got it, seems that it now has a rough/skipping/missing idle after it warms up. Feels a little boggy when accelerating off idle but it runs perfect above 4K RPMs and at higher speeds.

    Any suggestions on when to check or look into about the harder starting and rough idle...New plugs were installed recently and fresh gas was put into her. Can there be water in the carbs or could this now be an electrical related issue ?
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    Try checking compression.

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    I had the same ski and it did the same thing I use to use starting fluid do to cold start and waited to warm and it will rev fine..........

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    Thanks for helping. Compression test shows Front Cylinder 115 PSI & Rear cylinder was closer to 118 PSI. Its been starting OK on every first start until the hose problem, now its a little harder to start and once it warms up it seems to idle real rough or feels like it has a miss / hesitation. I never need to use the choke until this happened, could the coke have failed or be stuck ? Can there be water in the carbs ?

    It runs perfect above 4K RPMS just has trouble under 4K

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