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    1996 zxi 900 30 amp trim fuse has no power to it.

    I just resently Acquired a zxi 900 for 300 bucks. It didn't run when I bought it so I found why it wasn't starting and it was the starter. So it runs fine now but has no power trim. I have no power to the 30 amp fuse. I tested it with a voltage meter nothing. Could it possibly be the voltage regulator or the starter relay? I'm new the the jet skis. Any insight would be helpful.

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    Keep in mind that the trim system on these 'Skis will not work when the engine is not running. Actually, it's not quite that simple; if you bump the starter, the trim circuit will be activated for about 10 seconds, then turn off.

    Most likely, water has gotten into the trim motor box and rusted the motor. Water can get in through the cable that runs to the nozzle, make sure the bellows seal is in good shape. Also, if the 'Ski gets water in it, water can get past the seal on the box itself. The magnets inside the motor are glued in and they can come loose.

    Suggest you get a copy of the service manual.

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