Hi all I'm new to greenhulk and I'm from Sydney Australia I have a rxp 215 2006 model with the following mods riva rear air intake with pre filter and Riva catch can also external intercooler with stainless piping Riva thru hull exhaust ( no waterbox) groco strainer filter for (external intercooler) valves and retainers have been done C -KIT supercharger (16psi) 60pound injectors seadoo centre 8800rpm ecu rrfpr sikas (15/20) pump worx intake grate umi Handel bars worx sponsoons my question is I just purchased the ski and would like to know if you guys would add anything for reliability or proper care of maintaining a rxp with a c kit is it really a headache I hope not man I love this aki it flys and I havnt seen anything quicker were I live so atm I am KING LMAOOOO thanks all your opinions will be a great help cheers C-kit