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    FXHO 2013 Earth - help

    I not long got my ski back from repair shop for hull damage and they had to take the engine and fuel tank out to complete the work. The ski ran (on trailer)when i collected a month ago but now, it doesn't beep when I try to unlock with fob and bilge just runs. I though battery may be bad so I plugged in my battery charger on it and it says battery OK, so i put battery back and still no good.
    The charger has a start function so i connected it up in situe and the ski beeped and started, happy days just a new battery, so I got a brand new battery and charged it for 5hrs as per manual for new battery, i have now fitted this and and back to square 1, no beep on unlocking with fob and bilge just runs....... can only stop by disconnecting earth on battery.
    I think I have a bad earth, so where is the earth connector on engine?

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    Check the battery in the key fob or a second key fob, have a dealer reprogram to try a different fob if needed. Make sure they plugged in the receiver which controls the fob right above the gas tank on the side of the hull. Your problem is something they did or happened when removing the engine and gas tank out.

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    Yeah I have tryed both fobs, I will look at the receiver above the gas tank, however when I connect the battery charger direct to the ski/battery it does beep and start. I'm thinking a bad earth as either the charger on start mode gives more current and mitigates a possible bad earth or the negative on the charger is acting as the earth and it allows the ski to function as the charger plugs into the mains.
    Where is the main negative/earth connection on the engine?

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    OK I have had a little play and believe its an immobilizer issue......

    1) Unlock ski on fob, no beep dash lights up (no errors) and bilge pump runs on & on, and the ski won't turn over, i then have to disconnect battery for few seconds to stop bilge.

    2) i now connect my battery charger to battery while in ski and put it into 'start mode' on battery charger, unlock ski on fob and get beep (I now disconnect charger), the ski will start fine off battery and run, i can stop engine via stop button and can restart fine like normal.

    If however i try and lock the ski via remote fob, it doesn't beep and bilge runs on and on again until battery is disconnected, and I can't unlock the ski again unless I connect my battery charger, seems like an immobilizer issue to me???

    I checked the receiver box above tank and connector was reset but no joy, I wonder when they took engine and tank out the ski was unlocked and now needs some sort of reset?? However I can't explain the extra battery boost allows me to unlock the ski?? Loose plug and voltage drop? booster allows enough voltage to immobilizer.

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    Load test your new battery, did you just charge it on 2 amps for 5hrs? Not enough leave it overnight at 2 amps.

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    The battery instruction said charge for 3-4hrs, and I charged for 5.
    I can't see it as battery as once the ski is unlocked (which must be Milliamps) the engine cranks and starts on the battery.
    I left the ski unlocked over Friday night and started it fine Saturday morning on the start button with battery, I then have taken the ski out for a 2hr run and have dropped it off at the dealers to take a look. They could offer no explanation on drop off and will investigate and fix for me.

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