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    How much scratching is acceptable on Nano2 hull.

    Well, I finally scraped something on the bottom of my Nano 2 hull.

    To me it doesn't look too bad, but I wanted some advice.

    I guess I expected the Nano2 hulls to hold up a little better.

    I want to use this ski not baby it. So maybe I should beef up the center part if I do or when I do fix it.

    I bought this machine to explore etc. Am I going to have to baby it?

    It's not really what I thought I was signing up for.

    There was another thread on SMC repair using the West Marine Epoxy stuff.


    There is no chunk gone. I was just relooking at these pics, and scared myself. It does have scratches etc, but no chunk missing. I still feel the hull needs improvment from Yamaha.

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    Last edited by EdwardHall; 01-17-2015 at 08:58 PM. Reason: First pic is NOT a chunk out of hull.

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    Ok, after reading a thread that would just not seem to die, I really don't want to start another flame war.

    I am really just looking for advice on how to deal with this. Can I epoxy some kevlar or carbon fiber, build up the bottom, and just now worry about it any more.

    I will use this thing in the ocean, but not be jumping anything more than a 2 footer occasionally.

    I will ride and use this thing. It's got 15 hours on it, so I either need to deal with it, or get something else and take my loss now.

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    Well if you know you're going to
    ride it that way nothing short of Armor plating... or one of these,
    Might help

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    It seems like you beach it on rocks........the only way to fix that is taking it to the body shop where they fix boats.........

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    The hull had some minor contact with a coral, and had the nose lifted, and set on sand NO rocks. It's just a fragile hull. I am stuck with the thing now, so I guess I'll be picking the most durable epoxy, and either fiberglass, and or kevlar, and building up the area.

    I know folks wont believe that it's only been trough what I say it's been through, but it is what it is. No use starting a flame war over it, as this will be my ride for the next few years anyway. Don't see selling it at big discount.

    Sounds like I have just made the commitment to epoxy.

    I have used it on RC planes, flies, etc, so at least I have some frame of reference.

    So the only decisions left are, which epoxy system is the best, and what materials to use, fiberglass a few sheet, then cover it with kevlar / Epoxy?

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    I am that person that kept that "nano eggshell" thread going and I feel your pain. If the hull has chips you must repair them. This material will absorb water and fail. If you look very close you will probably also see surface cracks in the keel. These are the start of a failure point. I had the leading edge of the keel reinforced on my '09 FZS and it held but the area surrounding the keel failed from the constant flexing. IMO the issue isn't the NanoXcel material itself but that it isn't reinforced enough to minimize flexing. This is why many of these hulls develop cracks in the pump tunnel-there is too much flexing of the walls of the tunnel. There are many threads on what materials to use but I just hired a guy who specialized in boat repair.

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    And your ski has been good ever since?

    I just want to use this thing.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Actually, no, I traded it last February for a '14 RXT-260. There was nothing I could do to repair it. The red spot was a previous repair that was made, along with the repair of the keel. About a year later I saw the surface cracks and after grinding the surface you can see how the NanoXcel is completely disintegrating. It's failed from repetitive flexing. I loved the performance of the hull in the ocean but once it reached this level of degradation it was shot. I am not saying Yamaha builds a bad boat but this particular boat was just not suitable for my application. This hull had 250 hours of use in the Gulf of Mexico where the water is rarely smooth.

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    Is there anymore feedback on how the nano2 hulls are going with durability. Thanks

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    I think you are over reacting, ride it, enjoy ever minute, If the scratches bother you slap some patch on it. Do not waste a moment trying to make the bottom look pretty. My ski is 10 times worse 560 hours and I am loving every ride. Those scratches will not slow down you ski, smooth bottom is a slow bottom.

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