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    Please help me fix my Ultra 150-2003

    Hallo guys! Iam new here and i have some problem with my kawasaki ultra 150 from 2003. I have rebulidt the engine. and now it wont start.

    It almost starts but then is comes a big bang ( missfire) do anyone know in which order the spark cables go? they are in 3 lenghts. to which cylinder should the longest go etc ? can that be the problem? maybe the gasoline is bad ? the jetski have been standing still for a year when i bought it and the tank was almost full. so today i sucked the gasoline out and are gonna fill it with new gas tomorrow.

    Hope any one here can help me sort this out. // Peter from sweden

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    Welcome aboard, Peteronn!

    Old gasoline shouldn't make it backfire, but you sure don't want to run it through an engine. It will likely plug up the carburetors and cause it to run lean, which will burn up the engine.

    The longest spark plug wire should go to the front cylinder, the shortest to the rear.

    Is it backfiring out the exhaust or carbs? If from the carbs, you may have a bad reed valve. Out the exhaust, it may have excess fuel that has collected in the exhaust system.

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    Theres many things that can cause this. But i do have a few questions for you.
    1. Was the crank rebuilt?
    2. Who rebuilt the engine?
    3. Did you rebuild the carbs?
    4. Have you checked for spark and compression.

    The fazing for the crank could be off, hardly any spark, or those carbs are dirty.

    Ultra 150s do not like stale gas, deff try new gas but keep that in mind. You can always drop a few drops of premixed fuel down the carb and see if she kicks over and runs for a minute.

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    thanks for the answer. i change the gasoline the other day and i also put the longest cable on the middle cylinder, and it started. but the day after it was the same again. i cleaned the carburators today so i will try again. it was old gasoline in the carbs. also 1 ( dont know the word for it ) was plugged in the middle carburator. so now its clean and should work i hope? when you say the front cylinder is that the side where the oilpump is?

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    Yes i order one new from USA. both crank and crankpiston. i rebulilt the engine. when i wrote this post i hadent cleaned the carbs. i cleaned them today and the carb in the middle was plugged in 1 place. and looked like bad gasoline in the coups, some bubbles ( air ? ) havent try starting it after but i will tommorow. The sparks are realy good, and good compression. new rings and pistons.

    what is the fazing for the crank?

    thanks for helping me!

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    You get it straightened out?

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    i think i found the problem. the flywheel wasent mounted correct. i had missed that the flywheel should be in a special way. I will put it togheter again this weekend and try it out!

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    What ever happened with the ski?

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