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    Question MSX 140 in South Africa

    Hi guys - New here and just bought a MSX 140 Polaris. It starts as I add fuel through air intake. Seems like fuel pump does not work. Did check the fuel fuse and even swapped it with battery fuse - not the fuse. Where does the fuel pump sit and is there a way to test it? Can't wait to get on the water - Thanks for any assistance. Where I stay in South Africa help is limited on these skis.

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    Please reference my signature web links as there is much useful information to be found there.

    My first suspicion is the voltage feed to the fuel injectors is weak. These injectors require over 20 volts DC to operate.

    Connect red probe of voltmeter to White/Red wire. Black meter probe to engine ground, not to the other injector pin. All fuel injectors remain plugged in, find another spot to tap into any White/Red wire. Crank engine. Voltage should immediately rise to over 20 volts DC.

    If engine starts, the voltage should rise again and stabilize near 45 volts DC.

    Note: The Ficht fuel injectors are completely different from automotive fuel injectors. Do not attempt to diagnose them using common car engine thinking.

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