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    adding a vtech logger..+ what else??

    im planning on adding the data logger in the spring. can the tune be adjusted according to the AFR or will that in turn tell me if i should add a RRFPR? im just wondering where the upgrades stop..seems like if i do one thing then i need to do another..and another..and another. I'm all for upgrades and go fast parts but my original plan was to do a stage 1 and leave it alone for a while.

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    I have the stock FPR and it holds about 57 PSI at WOT. About 60 PSI at idle. I run VT1100 injectors and a Vtech tune. I have no real issues using the VTech logger dialing one of these motors right in. 93 octane fuel helps. I prefer the Android version of logging, but I am biased.

    Solas props appear to be the prop of most. Worth a few MPH over stock. It is easy to lose punch out of the hole, chasing MPH.

    And yes it is an addiction.


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    I noticed you have the older 8350 tune. You may want to try one of the later 8375 version 202 or version 402.

    Having said that, I am in deep love with my Vtech data logger! I wish I had bought it sooner.

    Where to stop or what needs to be added depends on your goal or expectations. Do you have a goal?

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    right now my tuner is at vtech getting the firmware updated. hope to have it back soon. my goal is to have a mildy modified ski that will run smoothly and safely. i didnt want to get involved with anything internal engine wise so im sticking to the 8300 tune. definatly going to do the logger, a prop and possibly the intercooler. if i have to add a RRFPR or injectors to keep the afr in check then so be it. just trying to avoid having to keep throwing money at this thing if its not nessasary thats all.

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    You know what happen if you disturb (change) the mother nature (Seadoo) ecological equilibrium (stock). It is a never ending story. I am also in the middle of these dilemma... - let me shake your hand companion. And because we are all humans, we will never learn the mother natures lessions... so I am...

    The Datalogger needs a o2-Sensor - you have this damm thing in? - I think so...
    I have a "as" model too, I know, it is not easy to mount and dismount the o2-Sensor!!!!!! (damm).

    The next thing is:
    The o2-Sensor is need to power up all the time (otherwise you will be ruin the o2-Senor)
    You can mount the Datalogger fix in your Jetski, but it sucks power all the time,
    also when have pulled away the key (suckes power from the OTAS connector).

    So,- if you will drive without Datalogger installed, you need something that powered up the o2-Sensor. You can install a AFR-Gauge and use this AFR-Gauge for power up the o2-Sensor, when the Datalogger is not installed / in use (you have to change the connection cable to the o2-Sensor because Datalogger and AFR-Gauge-controller have different connector cables).
    But - when you power on your jetski (with the Datalogger in use), and the o2-Sensor is not connected to the AFR-Gauge-controller, then you loose your calibration, that is needed for the AFR-Gauge use.

    So that is a dilemma also... - and I stuck in

    I think a possible solution out of these dilemma was:
    - Datalogger fix installed. Pulled the OTAS-Conector after every use of the Jetski!!!!
    - Take a waterproof Handy, like the CAT S50 Smartphone and have all gauges via Bluetooth right on the handle bar.

    The other side from this solution is:
    dont forget to charge your Gauge-Smartphone,
    dont forget to establish a Bluetooth conection,
    dont forget to mount it on handle bar
    dont forget to start the VTECH App
    dont forget to choose the gauge you want to display after the App is running.

    And the important thing at all !!!!
    Dont forget to conect the Datalogger to the OTAS before you drive,
    otherwise your o2-Sensor is trash.

    Please correct me, if I write something that is not true - I am a beginner at these Jetski technique also.

    (Sorry for bad english, I am not speaking english well)
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    v tech logger!!!! yesterday....

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