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    2011 VX110 needs head rebuild or swap

    Hull number YAMA2483E111

    Ski is in Lake Livingston area 77360, motor n exhaust in houston 77040.

    Clearing some projects out that I dont have time for right now.

    I have it listed on Craigslist for $1900 but cutting to the chase I will take 1600.00 firm.

    History on the ski:
    - purchased from Yamaha South of Houston about a year ago with no compression in the 2nd or rear cylinder. Sprayed fogging oil in plug holes and shelved the project till about 2 or 3 months ago. Other 2 cylinders had good spec compression. Assumed stuck valves with that staggered issue. 3 exhaust valves were stuck open.
    - Tank was siphoned when I bought it
    - gauges are perfect and about 136 hours on the ski
    - this was a lifeguard ski in the galveston area. They clearly didn't use it enough so the exhaust valves got some rust or corrosion on them and then when they tried to fire it up...the valves stuck open on 2 n 4. Other valves have buildup on them but they slide fine. Cams and chain look great. Cylinders and pistons look great.
    - it basically needs a head rebuild or SBT replacement, probably be good to have the injectors and rail and throttle body cleaned to freshen everything up ( here in houston). The rear of the seat was snacked on by a racoon so it will need to be recovered to look pertty again.
    -prop and wear ring look good from rear visual inspection.

    I'm burned out on rebuilding right now and want the yard space emptied so I'll dump it for $1600. The ski cleans up to an 8.5 except for the rear swim platform which has plenty of scratches from the lifeguard use. A lil' JB weld and some plastidip and she'll look like an east texas prom date though.

    Trailer not included but I have a couple aluminum trailers that can be chosen from if needed. $500 for a McClain (sp?) Or $600 for a Triton.

    Title in hand in my name.
    Pictures here on craigslist

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    I'll take a walkaround video today and upload it to youtube...then link it below

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