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    Another Seadoo recalll...

    This time it's something unexpected....

    Children's' hoodies of all things.
    This recall involves 14 styles of Ski-Doo or Can-Am kids’ hooded sweatshirts for boys and girls. They were sold in kids’ sizes 2 through 12. The hoodies are cotton/polyester blend. There is a drawstring in the hood of the garment. Colors include raspberry, yellow, heather, charcoal gray and black. “Ski Doo” or “Can-Am” is printed on the front. Recalled style numbers include: 286485, 453215, 453265, 453320, 453321, 453375, 453376, 453464, 453618, 453658, 453660, 453661, 453707 and 453708. The style numbers indicating the different graphic treatments are printed on the white care label that is sewn into the neck and side of the garment.
    Both US and Canada are affected.

    Drawstrings in hoodies have been determined to be a strangulation hazard for youngsters.

    no shit. I nearly lost my head a few years ago due to one of those things getting wound up in a seat belt retractor.

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    I think that's why they made Velcro shoes. Or was that for old people.

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    Cant really call that a Sea-Doo Recall...They dont make the clothes.....

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