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    XP Ltd - Head Gasket?

    Hoping for some advise on problem with my 2000 xp.

    I was flat out on open water and then the ski dropped top end speed eg lost 20mph instantly but below 50 ran fine, idled etc power seemed ok.

    Rode it home, pulled out of water started, reved cleared water and took it home

    Cleaned it, and went to flush and it wouldn't turn over, I pulled the plugs and both cylinders are full of water,

    I have blown out the cylinders and got it to idle again but it is not happy, might be plugs as they will need to be replaced

    Compression tested and 150 on the front and 160 on the rear so ok.

    My current theory is head gasket, so leaking power through the gasket when it blew and then flooded the cylinders when I plugged the hose in to clean in.

    But a little surprised the compression tested so good as if the hose can push water into the cylinder surely it would be losing compression through the gasket when I test it.

    Just after thoughts before I pull the head off and replace the top seal, and also if I replace the top should I replace the bottom?

    Engine only has 6 hours since a fresh build by previous owner

    Or other ideas for the loss in power and water filled cylinders

    Thanks in advance

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    Another thought, can a damaged exhaust gasket cause this issue?

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    You have a internal leak somewhere from the water galleries into the internals of the engine. Can be the head gasket/exhaust manifold gasket/head pipe gasket/ base gasket.
    If your cylinders are full of water like you say you would of had water down in the crank case area by now and would have started the rusting and pitting process of the bearing cages.Unfortunately the engine has to come out and be stripped down carefully and examine the gasket mating surfaces and find the leak. You may need to change the crank bearings out and the top end bearings as well but will need examining
    If you don't, this can drop a rod through the cases or the crank bearings desintergrate and then punch a hole in the cases which will be more $$$$
    Sounds like the old owner didn't know or have it re built correctly
    You can use the existing pistons and rings so that will save you some $$$

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    Well, for one thing you are doing the flushing all wrong. You should never start water flowing until you start the engine. The proper procedure is start engine, turn on water, turn off water, stop engine.

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    Probably head or exhaust gasket. Were both pipe mounts secured? Did you true up head and exhaust surfaces before re-assembling?

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    I think it is the exhaust header gasket, it wasn't replaced during the rebuild from what I can see and it looks like water had been seeping through.

    i have a new gasket but struggling with some tight nuts to get the header off, hopefully get it off and replaced today or tomorrow and then I'll try it out

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    Get your credit card out then..........

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    Fixed, exhaust header gasket

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