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    How do i retrieve fault code....

    How do i retrieve fault code on my '06 RXP? I can drop it in the water and ride up to 50mph then the code will appear. I think it's the knock sensor out of range code (may hav accidentally put 87 oct fuel instead of 93) but i wanna check & be sure. Is there a way to see the code without dropping the vessel in the water and running it

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    You'll need to hook it up to BUDS or a CANDooPro to read the codes.
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    What he said...

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    You will need this CandooPro system to read codes

    CanDoo Pro Personal Watercraft Diagnostic Systems

    CanDoo Professional is a diagnostic tool developed for SeaDoo Jet Ski's and SkiDoo Snowmobile's and Yamaha Waverunners. It has the capability to read fault codes, program keys, reset service information, and read history. Works with DESS, RFI, DI, and Kw2000 250k Protocols. Works on all Sea-Doo 1996 to 2013, including the iControl, all Yamaha Waverunners and inboard boats built from 2003 thru present.
    Automatically detects the protocol needed without changing flashes Program Keys / Lanyards
    Learning * Rental * Normal
    Change Owner Information and Purchase Date
    Reset TPS to zero position
    Read Fault Codes along with fault data.
    Reset Maintenance Light
    Reset Service Hours
    Reset Service Rental Hours
    Set Ignition Correction and Curves
    Real Time Engine Monitor
    Marry Clusters to ECU's
    Last 30 or 60 Sec history
    Activate fuel pump, Spark Plugs, Buzzer, etc.
    Key Tester

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