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    Video: Wet Dreams Unleashed – the Superjet Movie

    The rift between diehard standup riders and casual runabout riders has never been more expansive. As modern runabouts gravitate towards miniature sport boats replete with on board sound systems, cruise control and electronically-automated full suspension system, the good ol’ days of heaving a pair of 550s into the bed of your pickup and heading to the lake with a couple of your buddies has never felt so distant.

    Many standup lovers though haven’t given up hope for the future. One such is Jimmy Strickland. The Slidell, Mississippi native pieced together a great mini movie “Wet Dreams Unleashed – the SuperJet Movie” with few good friends. “The other riders are Josh Chrisman, David Silas and Laszlo Molnar. We are pretty much a bunch southern Mississippi boys that love riding standups and motocross,” Jimmy told*The Watercraft Journal.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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