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    Video: Diptech Performance Installs 300HP Sea-Doo Performance Kits

    Finding a decent jet ski shop you trust is tough enough, but finding a jet ski tuner/builder who can not only keep you up and running all season long but safely and smartly increase your runabout’s performance is almost impossible. While we in the States are waiting for the snow to melt, our Australian friends are in the midst of prime riding season. That is why it is so critical that shops like Melbourne, Australia’s Diptech Performance are around.

    Offering some of the best service and skills necessary to install and test performance kits for supercharged 260-horsepower Sea-Doos, Diptech is regularly ramping up these*Rotax-powered runabouts to a solid 300-horsepower (and considering that Sea-Doo’s notoriously dyno well below the advertised 260HP mark, that’s a considerable feat).

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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