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    Riva Vs R&D engine cooling kit for svho

    I am wondering if there is any difference between the R&D and Riva engine cooling kit for the svho ?
    Anyone ?


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    Riva is much cleaner and easier to install.

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    Thanks for the heads up

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    Black hose versus blue. You pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCW View Post
    Black hose versus blue. You pick.
    Not at all. The Riva kit is different than the R&D kit. The Riva SVHO kit addresses the issue of heat build up on the rear of the cylinder block by including the cylinder block anode fitting. This fitting replaces the rear anode plate. This fitting still keeps an anode in place and injects water at the rear of the block. This keeps cylinder block temps equal throughout the block & in check. The R&D kit does not have this. The Riva SVHO kit is the way to go.

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    Will changing the thermostat to a 2009 help as well ? Rear somewhere it can help too

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    Quote Originally Posted by nahe888 View Post
    Will changing the thermostat to a 2009 help as well ? Rear somewhere it can help too
    It helps a little bit. If I remember correctly, the SVHO thermostat opens at 60c (?), the SHO thermostat opens at 50c (?). (Pretty sure on those temps of the thermostats.) So, the thermostat opening a bit sooner may help give the engine a "head start" on bringing down the temps. However, no matter which thermostat you use, the engine temp will eventualy reach pretty much the same peak temp. Having the right cooling kit will keep the peak engine & oil temps at optimum operating temps. (which is what the Riva SVHO kit does)

    Does it get really hot & warm water temps where you are at? If yes, maybe go with the thermostat too. However if it's average air/water temps, you should not need to change the thermostat.

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    It's 80-85įF all around the year here. Humidity 74% . :P

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    If you get the riva engine cooling kit and also do the intercooler plumbing upgade will you end up having extra hoses ??

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