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    Yamaha VXR New Ski

    I am new to pwc's and I have been doing homework for about 6 months on what I want or what I think I want. I have been researching these forums and YouTube and boat test and plenty of other sources and had it pretty much narrowed down to the GTR 215 from Seadoo or the Yamaha VXR. I really like the VXR when it comes to reliable performance and self maintenance. I also like the additional features of the Seadoo as far as the IBR and trim control etc. However I have heard several horror stories from Seadoo owners when it comes to cost of ownership. I have come across a dealer with a used 2013 VXR for sale which has 30 hours on the machine. Photos look immaculate and oral description from sales rep matches photo and naturally exceeds photograph expectation. I am very much on the fence about pulling the trigger, sort of speak, on this VXR and I can take it home for $8,500 out the door. Any input and opinions are appreciated I have several days to decide I put a small deposit on it just to be sure nobody else buys it while I debate.


    2013 Yamaha VXR
    30 hours
    $8,500 including taxes, registration, title, and dealer fees.

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    Well, there's one for sale in the classifieds here for $7900 including the trailer:

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    The VXR is more reliable and less maintenance than a GTR, but the VX is not too good in rough water. I think A GTR will have faster acceleration and will handle much better, but will be higher maintenance. They top out around the same speed.

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    Are you only looking for used, or are you considering new? The 2015 VXR is all new with a new hull and the Yamaha Ride system, which from the looks of it, I like better then the Sea Doo IBR. Previous things said about the VXR in rough water may not apply so much any more.

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    If you can spend $8500 - $9000, you would be MUCH better off finding a 2011 FX-HO or SHO

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    Thanks for the input. I decided not to get the VXR. I have found a 2009 fzs with 100 hours that's asking 7000 with trailer.
    I found a 2008 fx sho for 6000 with trailer and 120 hours. Yes I'm looking exclusively at used. New vxr does look awesome though.

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