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    Moded water box 1,8 yamaha ?

    Hi my friends !

    someone has already moded its water box ( stock ) ? What are the gains ?

    because 300 or 400$ for racing water box is so hot ...

    you have photos or tips ?

    have a good day !

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    Pretty well cut one end open rip all the baffle plates out and weld it together again, The Riva box is smaller in size than a stock box but there is nothing inside it at all, i can't say i noticed any noticable performance increases with a riva box except it sounds cranky.

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    This is precisely why I'm afraid , the noise

    i have a free flow and the sound is so cool , but whit the water box moded ...

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    I have a thru-hull and a gutted oem waterbox that I got from Gus and it has a raspy nice sound to it. I do not know if any gains came from it but it sure sounds great.

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    no picture of inside waterbox SHO oem ?

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    It will be twice as loud if you gut it

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    ohhh fu.... !

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