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    2009 FZR SHO Intermittent Start... 1st world problems!

    Hi Guys and Girls,

    Need some advice..

    Have had my FZR for 3 weeks, purchased S/H from a Yamaha dealer. I have put 12 hours on it and it hasn't skipped a beat once until the last ride when it stalled 2 hours into our ride, and took about 3 goes to get the motor running again. Rode for another 2 hours after that with plenty of starts and stops and no issues at all so put it down to air in the line or something..

    Well it'been a frustrating morning this morning though. Such beautiful weather so hit the boat ramp at 6am and this is how it went:

    Got the the ramp and decided to turn it over quick before I got in the water for peace of mind after my little hiccup last weekend. Wouldn't start. Tried everything with the immobiliser and kill switch, on, off, in out and no dice. After some time took her back home.

    get home, try again and no start. Take head cover off and all wiring looks good, try to start her out of curiousity and BAM! First go roars to life... OK?? Put her back together try another 2 times and each time starts perfect and idles.

    Ok back down the water. This time put her in the water, turn it over and she fired up for 2-3 secs and dies... Tried everything again and nothing! Grrr, back home again...

    So get home, press the start button and again straight to life no issues at all, so let it idle for 5 minutes while I flushed what little salt water would be in there, 3 revs at the end (first revs since issue) and she is running perfect. Let her cool for 30 mins and started up and idled perfect again.

    Now sitting along side my baby 3hrs after first heading out scratching my head and seeing what everyone here might think..

    thanks in advance,


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    Whoops, very sorry for the long post, lots to explain I guess....

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    Check and be sure the battery connections are tight. Tommy Jordan

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    Thanks Tommy,

    Well the motor was turning over just fine, it just wouldn't start so assumed the battery and cabling on that front would be fine. You think there could be an earth issue from the battery maybe?

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    I second the battery. A low battery or bad connections will emit symptoms exactly like you are experiencing.

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    Ok so checked and the terminals and connections and already clean and tight
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    If the motor is turning over just fine and won't start I supect it is the fuel pump is not comming on possible fuel pump relay going bad just a guess though. Tommy Jordan

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    Ah ok so a bad battery could potentially turn the motor but cause issues that would stop the motor from starting? Really sorry if this is a noob question but all my previous experience is in Cars and Dirt Bikes. So I am used to "if the motor will turn, the battery isn't a problem"

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    That's a good call Tommy Thanks, will test that right now

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    Ok so now realizing how awkward skis are to work on... Bemused by the electrical box trying to figure out which is the FP relay as the Manual is rather short on these details.

    makes sense though as explains the 2 sec start in the water as the small amount of fuel in the line fired her up. So the movement on the road is either effecting wiring, or the pump or relay is on the way out... Grrr this will be a pain. Will post my fix incase it help any other FZR'ers in future. Thanks for the help guys.

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