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    Should I disconnect the oil injection system!!

    On my 1999 seadoo XP limited should I disconnect the oil injection system on it and just mix the gas

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    No just keep the stock system in but check all the lines and secure connections.
    If you do decide you want to pre-mix the let me know i will take the old system off your hands.

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    Ok thanks

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    Its really a pain to premix..and it uses more oil and in turn costs more money. If the oil lines are stock replace them with new. They should be soft and flexible. Ive done both premix and injection always went back to injection. Believe it or not too much oil will lean your fuel mixture and make it go boom.

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    In 10+ years of wrenching on jet skis I've only ever come across a couple failed oil pumps. It's usually the small tubing that fails. On customer machines I replace the tubing with Tygon available at most auto parts stores. On my personal machines they get deleted and run at 40:1 premix.

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