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    Polaris MSX140

    Hi there, I recently purchased a 2003 Polaris MSX140 with just 23 hours completed. The ski is in immaculate condition. I have now completed just on 30 hours however there is a problem with the starter motor. What began as an intermittent problem is currently the unresolved problem. The starter motor spins but does not engage and turn the engine. Could this be a bendix problem with such low hours? Does the exhaust need to be removed to access the starter? Any suggestions?

    Second issue is the ski started (when the starter was working) very easily and idles at the recommended 1150rpm. It pulls cleanly all through the rev range but only revs to 6200rpm. The manual talks about a 7200rpm cut off and whilst I do not expect the engine to reach this, looking at Utube recordings 6600-6700rpm seems the order of the day. The ski had new standard plugs fitted when I bought it. Any suggestions?


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    Hi & welcome to the Hulk ! Contact "CrazyA", he is one of the Polaris go-to guys. Good Luck

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    Nice looking ski you have there!!!

    K447 has a link in his signature:

    There is tons of information there about your ski. Sounds like you have two seperate issues. First, i'd fix that stater issue. If you have the original starter solenoid, they are known to internally fail. That should be replaced with the starter if the bendix is the issue.

    The RPM issue could be a few things. It all depends on wear ring and pump bearing health, if your fuel pressure regulator has fallen off, EMM health...

    I'm sure the MSX 140 guru's will chime in. BryanP, K447, and CrazyA should be with you shortly.... haha

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    Thanks, will follow through

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patman View Post
    Thanks, will follow through

    There are a few must-do and must check items on the Ficht fuel injected machines. See my signature links for lots of info and details.

    The fuel pump pressure regulator is one such item. Even if you are not having a fuel pressure problem now, do not wait until it fails.

    The expected wide open throttle RPM for a healthy Ficht engine varies somewhat with air temperature and engine wear/hours but typically is in the 6500-6700RPM range. On a cool air day my own MSX 140 touches 6900RPM sustained.

    In addition to the fuel injection system, all the normal 2-stroke Polaris watercraft engine stuff still applies. Cylinder compression, spark plug wire condition, jet pump and driveshaft bearing condition, intake reeds, etc.

    The MSX driveshaft has a steel through-hull bearing assembly. It is recommended to rebuild the bearing carrier every few years or approx. 100 running hours, whichever comes first. These machines are now over ten years old, yet it is common for the through-hull bearing to have never been serviced since it was manufactured. There is no grease fitting, rebuild is the only way to service it.

    The bearings and seals in the jet pump may also need service. The first step is to remove and inspect. If there is no evidence of water inside the bearing hub and the bearings still turn smoothly with zero noise and no bearing play, it may not need rebuilding yet. That said, replacing the jet pump bearings and seals is not expensive to do, nor particularly difficult.

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