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    Inside Wildwood Sea-Doo’s Spark-Powered Krash FootRocket

    Admittedly, there are few projects that truly catch our eye enough to really croon over them. A few months back we peeled the layers back on Keith Salles’ 110-mph SHO-powered Yamaha GPR because it was one of the most amazing conversion skis we’ve ever encountered. Maintaining the same level of scrutiny, we struggled to find a freeride ski that truly stood out among a crowd of already gorgeously swimming in hand-formed carbon fiber, billet-ridden and hugely torquey skis.

    That was until we came across Chris Grace’s very peculiar Krash FootRocket. The Krash Industries’ ski is already a fine piece of equipment as it stands; weighing in at 88-pounds in the surf fiberglass version, and 77-pounds surf carbon version (and 66-pounds in the available flatwater carbon version). Krash designed the hull with dual purpose and maximum versatility by incorporating removable front sponsons, an adjustable rear tail plate and 6-inches of foothold adjustment.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    Tell them to pitch the idea of a four stroke stand up to kawi and yamaha.

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