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    Replace fairly new wear ring when upgrading impeller?

    Hi, upgrading stock impeller for a solas concord. I replaced the wear ring last year in which the stock impeller was used for that season. Replacing the stock impeller for a solas and was wondering if the wear ring should also be replaced? After replacing the stock impeller with the solas, I can hear and slightly feel the solas impeller brazing the wear ring when spun by hand but not throughout the whole revolution, only at a certain section of the rotation. Input would be appreciated.

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    Slight touching is common, as well as touching in only in one spot.. Just look at the wear pattern and measure the clearance with feeler gauges. The spec is 0.035" max, but ideally you should be much lower than that for best performance. If you have touching in one area, put impeller in that position and pay attention to the clearance and wear pattern on the side opposite of the touching. The wear pattern should be even, too. If you have deep gouges although the overall clearance looks OK, I would replace it since you already have things apart.

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    There is hardly any markings on the wear ring (Seadoo OEM, Greyish in color), only 20 hours from last summer install and when originally replaced with stock impeller there was no touching or grazing at all. Going to measure the clearance.
    Does anyone know if the OEM Seadoo wear rings are made of POM Delrin Plastic?
    Thanks for the great input!

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    If clearance is good just leave it alone.

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