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    About To Pull The Trigger On A 310X SE

    Found a local 2014 310X SE with only 8 hours on it. The ski was apparently traded in for an ATV since the owner didn't make it down to the lake as much as he hoped (Kansas City MO). Its a great deal, and will be bought with the 4 years extra extended warranty. However is there anything I should look for before purchase? While more than likely the guy really did trade it in for an ATV, it always scares me there could be something terribly wrong with it hence the low hour trade in. Thanks for the input!

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    Well you did not mention the price .... I can only assume it was a good deal on a USED ski, although not very much. With the warranty you should be just fine.. Now when the weather get better like today & tomorrow, go out and ride it like you stole it

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    10,999 w/ 2014 Karavan trailer and cover. I plan on it!

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    I would:
    - check bottom of hull for any damage. Scratches are OK.
    - look into pump from the rear nozzle with flashlight for any pump / impeller damage.
    - take seat off and look inside of Hull, shouldn't be any rust at all.
    - Unscrew oil filler cap, shouldn't be anything but a little bit of oil on the underside of cap.

    At some point you will want to get the 2015 ECU. The stock 2014 ECU's were a little to "tame". JB

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