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    94 WaveRaider RA700 bogs at big water

    RA700 cranks and idles fine. No wake zone fine. When getting to big water it bogs when gassing. I noticed once when i pulled the choke, it would pick up and run. Riding a motorcycle, it's said not to ride with choke pulled, so I pushed it back in. I noticed after playing with it a bit that the oil can light would come on when bogging and disappeared when running great. Couldn't get any consistency out of it today so I brought it back in. Any ideas? Changed plugs last week and it ran fine for the 15 mins i had it out. They were fouled with oil prior to replacing them. I bought it used, so I don't know the last time carbs were looked at. The oil can symbol is throwing me off. Plenty of oil.

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    The oil light just works off a float switch, it could be sticking or going bad. Sounds like the carbs are crapped up. Go through the carbs, replace fuel lines, check the fuel pickups inside the gas tank. All very easy to get done on the Raider.

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    Sounds like a good place to start. Thanks for the update on the oil light. I was trying to make a correlation and couldn't do it.

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