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    Advice on Used ski purchase please

    Hi all,

    I am about to, within a few months anyway, buy myself another ski, I am a Yamaha fan, from early motocross bikes to my road bikes, to previous ski, so it will be a Yamaha, hence why I am here.

    I would like some advice please.

    I think the current crop of Ski’s are all to heavy and overloaded with extra stuff I just don’t want, they all weight too much, with way too many tid bits bolted on to keep the spec sheet full in my opinion.

    My last ski was a 1100 raider, I bought it new in 1996 I think, I rode it for 300 + hours with ZERO issues, I modified it, played with it, surfed it, jumped it, drown it in huge surf, it just kept coming back for more, it was light, reliable and fun, if a little thirsty at WOT.

    I had it running at 68 MPH (radar) (edited from 71mph, it was 16 years ago, sorry) by the time I sold it, 10mph over stock and soooo much fun, with very little done.

    I want a newer ski like that, basic, tough and LIGHT, but none seem to fit the bill, I am happy to be shown one and stand corrected, but I will not be buying a HONDA, Seadoo or Polaris this millennium. It must be a Yamaha.

    That leads me to the GP1300R, it seems as close to what I am after, I have read lots here in the past few weeks, I love the Yammy 2 smokers, for the amount of use it will get I am not worried about the extra fuel use.

    Would it be wise to look for the latest model I can find? I have found a few 2007 and 08’s for what seems fair money ($7k au with 100 hrs on trailer etc), they seem to have some nice “upgrades” over the earlier ones, are they worth the extra $$$ over say a 2004 at $5k with 200hrs?

    I can afford to buy a new ski, I looked at the FZS SVHO, but for how much I will ride it, under 20hrs per year, I cannot justify having $20k +++ sitting in the shed.
    Unless someone gives me a really good reason to buy one over a GPR.

    I love to ride in the surf, we live in the Hunter Valley, NSW, I have dozens of beaches under 1 hr drive away I can ride on, I have 4WD vehicles and am happy to beach launch, it is all I like to do on the ski, it is like Moto X without the dirt for me, just perfect.

    I also have a boat ramp onto the Hunter River less than 2 km from home for testing if required. So all is good.

    I would mod the ski for bottom end punch and rough water hook-up, happy to give up a few mph to get it if required.

    If someone can point to a ski that better suits my needs and is a YAMAHA, please let me know, real cash budget is about $10k, and I need to get jackets, trailer and any modifications etc in that money. I would need to talk to minister for Sport, Recreation & Finance (wife) if I was to spend more, if was to spend more I think I would buy new.
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    Hello Chris, from down under. Welcome to the Hulk. if you road a Yam Raider ... you already know how much fun lighter fast skis can be. I have the 08 GP1300R, and yes I have made some mods ....(hard not to) LOL. But it still only weighs around 650 dry. Not bad for a good size ski. Yes the newer FX & FZR's are very fast and 4 stroke but they are Big! Also they are $$$ . The lastest model 2 stroke you can buy is the 08 Yamaha GP1300. Even Seadoo, Kawi quit making 2 strokes long before Yamaha stopped. I think the GPR hulls are & remain the fastest hulls ever made. That is why you see a lot of conversions using the Yamaha GPR. You can now find low hour 1300's under $4K in USA, so about $6K Ozzie I would think. Given your ride time of about 20 hours a season or so, do not spend big bucks for new ski ... keep your money in the bank. Good Luck & let us know which way you go!

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    Thanks for the reply, you seem to be understanding what I am trying to say.

    While I have no issues with the current range of "BIG" ski's out in the market today, I would love to own one, to play in the bay and run up the coast, for the kids to get dragged around behind on a tube, they would be great. BUT, I am after a ski for me now, to play on, in the surf, and a little bit of general use.

    I found my old information on my Raider, and in my first post I lied, sorry all, it went 68mph when checked with a radar on light chop with 150 lb rider (not me) it was a mates GP we got to 71 in the late 90's.

    I really really want small light ski, I have even looked at the Spark, it is under 200kg and seems pretty much a modern GP 2. I have huge issues buying a Seapoo after towing so many back to shore, but I am hoping thing may have changed, at the very least it will be a great learners ski for my son (10 yr), and my wife, who is only little at 110lb. I also have many little nieces and nefews who would love to play, with the spark I could not care less if it gets beached or lays on the and all day, its a seadoo, and I wont care about it.

    I have been looking at GP1300r's, late ones, found one today with 90 hrs, 2008 on trailer, D plate and some other mods for $7400 oz, which seems pretty good.

    I also found a GP1200 local, VERY neat, long rego and good trailer, 130hrs at $3400 ono

    I think it would be a good way to have some cheap fun in the surf, work out just how much I am going to use it and go from there.

    I even toyed with buying a XL or VX1200 deluxe cruiser for the wife and kids to use and a used 90hp spark or a GP 2, raider 700 or alike for me to play on in the surf, I am just too fat to ride WB1, I love them but need to lose about 35kg before they will float my fat A$$.

    too many thing to think about
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    Sounds like you would be more suited to an FZR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCW View Post
    Sounds like you would be more suited to an FZR.
    If I could find one for a good price without too many hours, they are on the list, a friend has a FZR SHO 2009, he loves it and keeps telling me it is the way to go. I am worried it will be too heavy and fall apart in the surf, both of my other ski's have cracked up due to surf riding, I know its hard on them but I would like to get on with the best chance of staying together.

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