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    Question gp1200r is not going fast

    Hi guys. Just bought my first jet ski. Actually I just bought two. Long story short I got a Yamaha 1200 xlt and I got a gp1200r. Well the xlt is pulling away hard from the gp1200r. The gp should be faster and yet it's not even close. I know they are both stock. My question is what is the most common issue that the gpr could have making it slower. Carbs, spark plugs, jet? Please let me know.

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    Did you do a compression test on both before you bought them?
    How many hours?

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    You should put a D plate..........on both.

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    Not your problem but you should check oil injection lines on all carbs as well.
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    check the ride plate and intake grate bolts

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    Inspect hull first for loose or missing tabs or plate. Do a compression check. Replace spark plugs. Check for proper operation of power valve servo motor.

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    Thank you for the advice... The guy that sold me the gp1200r removed the hose from the BRO (oil pump) and he just added the oil to the gas... What do you guys think should I reconnect it and do it normal?

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    What rpms are you getting? What does the pump look like?

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    So we did a compression test... Every cylinder 120+-.... What sucks is the cluster is damaged so basically I dont know. I Went today to look for a new one and forget it... I'm going to look for a used one. Regardless the compression was good. I changed the spark plugs anyhow. I also think I'm going to get into adding a d plate. Seems like my next step is to check the cat. Any ideas or suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Btw the intake plate is the ride plate? There was one bolt missing there.

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