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    Comedy Central Launches Full Season of Kurt Braunohlerís Jet Ski Adventure

    Hey! Did you know that treasured comedian Dan Aykroyd played a pivotal character in 1984’s “Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom?” Yeah, many don’t because the scene featuring the former Ghostbuster was all but completely scrapped, leaving the “Saturday Night Live” alum with a single line of dialogue and a few forgettable seconds of screen time. Alas, “that’s Hollywood as they say,” and we got a wee bit of a taste of that when we watched the long-awaited web series “Roustabout,” documenting comedian Kurt Braunohler’s jet ski adventure from Chicago to New Orleans.

    The Watercraft Journal
    was invited to not only participate in the Comedy Central show
    , but reach out to its hundreds of thousands of readers throughout the United States and abroad and help support Braunohler’s quest to raise $50,000 for sustainable livestock in African villages. The premise seemed noble enough, but the method was somewhat flawed: the comedian would ride an ostentatiously-wrapped Yamaha FX HO from Chicago, Illinois to New Orleans, Louisiana, riding down the Mississippi. Of course, those familiar with these waters would highly recommend another route. But again, that’s Hollywood, folks.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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