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    Stainless Stator Sections

    Just kind of curious on the market for the stainless Polaris stators. I'm working on a project and may need to buy a few. Is anyone here sitting on a pile of them? What's the typical asking price for a good, used one?

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    Are you looking for the stock six vane stainless steel jet pump stators?

    Do you care which of the two manufacturers?

    There are also eight and twelve vane SS stators, even a few seven vane and (I have been told) a five vane in SS.

    All for the 148mm modular jet pump, of course.

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    What's the difference in the two manufacturers? And I'd be open to 6, 7, 8, and 12 depending on price. I have a 6 and a 12 currently. Looking for more potentially....

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    OEM Polaris six vanes were made by Skat or Asia Trend. In my experience, which isn't as much as other members, I have run into more Asia Trends than Skat. I think they are equally as good, other members' opinions welcome here. Skat makes the Magnum series of pumps, those are more expensive and available in vane counts larger than six. On Ebay, if you want to buy one right away, OEM Polaris six vanes will run about $175.00 to $300.00, depending on the optimism of the seller. I have gotten them for as little as $150.00, perhaps other members have done better.

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    I picked up one 6 vane on eBay already for $120 shipped with prop and wear ring. Looking for more. Is there a difference between these Asia pumps and the skat made 6 vanes?

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    I have an aftermarket Skat Mag pump for Polaris. 12-vein. Excellent shape, sealed bearings. (some have an oil bath system).

    I am asking 650.00 + s&h

    Here is a link to a picture;

    I also have a mint, OE stainless 6 vein. This one I am sorry I do not have a pic up yet, but I can get one. I have this priced at 350.00 + s&h

    Would do 900.00 + s&h on the pair if you wanted.

    For payment I take Visa, and Master Card. Feel free to call the shop 608-743-1305 if interested.

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    If you watch Ebay You can sometimes get them for good prices. I don't think I paid more than $125 for any of mine. Sometimes the best deal is to buy a whole pump that someone is selling.

    They are still available new through Polaris I believe. It won't include bearings, seals or the shaft. Partspitstop shows them for $251.09

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    this may be a re buildable core....

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    I've been watching ebay daily and have my eye on that one that just listed too. Sorry John, I just can't accomplish my goals at those prices though. I may hit you up on your prop collection though...

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    What are you trying to accomplish? I have a spare SS 6 from an 02 TXi.

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