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    Storage question.

    Pertaining to moisture buildup, when storing your ski in the garage is it better to store with or without cover? What about using blocks to prop up the seat? Is this still common practice? Thanks.

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    A 2 by 4 lifting the seat most use to ventilate the hull ,I leave my ski outdoors so always have a cover on ..

    Cant see why not keeping cover on even indoors, the OEM cover has exhaust vents and never know where you might have a chance to scratch the ski ...

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    I keep them in my garage uncovered. If the ski has recently been used, leave the seat off. It will dry out the inside of the hull. My skis are in the heated garage for the winter, and the seats are on them, but I know the inside of the skis are dry, so there are no moisture concerns.

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    My 2 skis are garage kept. I have a cover for the standup and do no have one for the Stx...anyway open the hood/seat an inch or 2 to air it out. The cover really doesn't make a difference in my case, but venting the engine compartment is key.

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