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    Lightbulb lrv fitted with 787 and original 951 jet pump , what to expect??

    ok i fitted my lrv with a 787 motor ,but i decided to use the original 951 jet pump with reverse,what should i expect performance to be like? will it be slow getting going? will I need to impeller re pitched?everything has lined up well and fits perfectly,just not sure what to expect when she's ready to hit the water,any help welcomed! thanks in advance

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    That doesnt make any sense to put a smaller motor into a behemoth of a ski..........its going to be a lazy dog

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    the front motor mount is also in a different location, so it wasn't that easy a swap ??

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    Run a 3/8 aluminum bar across. Use XPL shorter engine mount to make up differece. There are some pics in early pages of my build on 951x4 different spin. Obviously im going other way but concept same. Someone posted blueprint of hole spacing .

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    Thanks guys ,I made a new front engine mount from flat steel,was quite easy really,all I had to do was use 2 pieces of flat steel which I shaped to fit over the place where the original mount mounted to the hull,the welded on piece of steel over the other ,so the end result was the top surface of the steel bracket was the same as the original height of the fibreglass,therefore I was still able to use the orginal front engine mount which was simply moved over and bolted through the new bracket.No need to mess around with fibreglassing etc ,my way is faster ,super strong and can be changed back if need be,still uses the original factory holes in the hull. Some have said my ski will be A LAZY DOG?? LOL , I don't see why though,like ive said earlier I need it for fishing and cruising around on,I have a gti and a spark if I want to play around,but the 787 motor should move the lrv along just fine shouldn't it? thanks for the input everyone

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    what make you think itl be so slow ,once propped right it should be fine shouldn't it?

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    Should be fine will be slower, would depitch trailing edge of impeller so wot rpms are 6800-7000 and see if take off is slow you may have to depitch the leading edge...I'd personally call impros and ask Dave for start out suggestions.

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    Ok ,another day of tinkering and shes alive! had her running on the hose today ,driveshaft alignment looks perfect,all gauges etc working correctly,just a few small things to re assemble now ,then a water test,looks a lot tidier inside the hull than it did before,everything is zip tied in place,and any un necessary wiring has been removed,I think its going to be good once the impeller has been altered to suit,overall quite a simple job really ,the only bigger issues were changing the exhaust outlet to the other side of the ski,blocking the old one,and the fabrication of the new front engine mount(3 hours work on that approx.) I can imagine anyone wanting to perform an engine swap the other way around 787-951 will find it quite straight forward,Im proud of the work Ive done(with my mate neil helping too for an extra pair of eyes and hands!) will let you know how it goes once in the water

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    'It should run fine, since they made 14 foot jet boats with a single 787. In fact they made them with a single 720.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluestram View Post
    'It should run fine, since they made 14 foot jet boats with a single 787. In fact they made them with a single 720.
    But they used the 82/85 large hub (RFI) pump to get the boat to actually plane. That LRV will be slow out of the hole with the larger pump. Only time will tell, i'm sure he'll let us know


    I just read his previous post, It's just a cruiser for fishing. OK..... I'll take a guess at 42mph top speed with 6800 rpm..
    Any other predictions?

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