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    VTECH Datalogger / Injectors 1100cc

    Morning All,

    Ive got a quick question regarding the VTECH Datalogger and Injectors, at what point is it essential up upgrade the injectors and add a datalogger to monitor A/F? As I am running the setup below using the 8375 402 AGR tune.

    I do have plans later in the year to add that cam and 68-140 or ET137 S/C as thats due for a service shortly.


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    Yes, you need them.

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    Is it safe to run the 8375 402 AGR without a datalogger for the time being, until I get those upgrades?

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    I always advise having data logging. I prefer viewing and building new fuel corrections using MegaLogViewerHD. If you prefer, the guys at Vtech can help you using their included autotune software.

    Almost every install requires tweaking to get great performance.


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