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    What is this ting - and where is it missing?

    So i decided to winterize my kawa ultra 250x on my own. Went just fine and I was a little proud - until I found this piece underneeth the oily papertowels lying around on the side of the ski. It's roughly the size of a thumbnail, has a transparrent center and is made of plastic, where is it missing - could it be from the fuelpump?

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    It's looks to me like a grommet fitted into the bulkhead of wall of the ski so wires or cable run thru smoothly ,not a major loss..

    But could be wrong if engine,TB or fuel line was once opened and worked on though doesn't seem to look like anything on the the 250 parts fiche ..

    Wait for more replies..

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    by transparent centre do you mean screen? if so i would guess a flush hose screen from somebodys garden hose.

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    it's like a window, a frame with glass in the middle - plexiglass.

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    Condom, perhaps? See if you can unroll it.

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    I dont think it is from your ski

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    that's a porthole used by gremlins.

    I believe you need to keep that away from water. The oily rags likely protected you.

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