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    300x vs 310 is the 310 a better ski?

    Hey guys,
    need help from you Kawasaki experts. I sold my 2014 Fzs last summer and really miss it. I want a Kawasaki this time. I am going to trade my motorcycle in and get a new Ski. The dealer has a new 2013 ultra 300x with new aluminum Triton trailer. I like the looks and the color. He will do me a even swap for my bike. Bike is worth $11,750 trade in. I could spend more and dish out extra and get a 2014 or 15 310 but really like the even swap. Is there really a benefit of the 310? Is the 300x a rock solid machine? I know the 310 will have more resell but it will also cost more up front. What is a good price for the 2013 with aluminum trailer? Is that a good deal trading straight up for me?
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    Is that your Christen Eagle?


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    Performance wise the difference Isn't much, but a 310 has a knock sensor and reliability upgrades(the 300 has been very reliable for me). You will be happy either way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve45 View Post
    Is that your Christen Eagle?

    I just sold that Eagle last month. I just bought a 2010 Pitts Model 12. It has 57 hours TT and the awesome m14p radial.

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    I look at it as the 300 was a revolution from the 250/260, where as the 310 is an evolution of the 300. 'Most' of the 300 failures that I have heard of have been gas related, there are always the exceptions though.
    From a reliability stand point, the 300/310 has proven itself overall to be fantastic. If you go into it knowing that it won't be a flat water speed king, but realise that it'll perform in all water conditions very very well, you'll be very happy.
    The difference between the two really comes down to whether you want to spend the couple extra grand for some nice to have, but not essential improvements.

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