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    New to the PWC world

    Hi, I have my eyes on two Yamaha XLT 1200 locally that are up for sale. One is 2005 original owner with 185 hours and the other one is 2001 with a complete motor repair. I really can't make up my mind to which is the best choice they are both selling for the same price. Please any comments will help me greatly.

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    Your information is very vague. Without knowing all of the complete details on each ski, there is no way for anyone to give you solid advice.

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    Unless the "complete motor repair" includes a receipt from a reputable dealer or repair shop showing all that was done along with a transferable warranty, it is worth about 2 cents.
    Block out 6 to 8 hours to read old posts here on the Hulk and learn how to thoroughly check out a used ski.
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    don't start off with something more then 10 years old. Go buy a spark and have a blast.

    If you turn out not to get in as much time as you'd like, you can get some good money and a quick sale on a year old spark..not so much on a ten year old yammie.

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    Thanks for the advice, will check old post. The guy selling the fully repaired 2001 does have paper work.

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    Any ideas on how many hours to get out of a 2 cycle motor.

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    figure approximately 200 hours between rebuilds on a two-stroke

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    The 05 ski is at 185. I should keep away and look at the 01. Thanks for the tips

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