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    IPD Graphics Becomes Official Graphic Sponsor of Pro Watercraft Racing Team

    With the 2015 racing series beginning to gel, we’re starting to see racers and teams shore up sponsorships and announce their plans for the year’s events. Yesterday, we were alerted that industry graphics leader, IPD Graphics has recently joined in a partnership with Pro Watercraft Racing as the official graphics sponsor for Pro Watercraft’s race team.

    IPD Graphics published the following press release on their Facebook page: “Proud to announce [that] IPD signed on to be the Official Graphic Sponsor of the Pro Watercraft Racing Team for 2015! Pro Watercraft Racing is lead by handling mastermind Chris Hagest, and is responsible for creating the best handling products in the industry and used by the top riders in the industry, riders such as Stian Schjetlein, Kevin Reiterer, Jimmy Wilson, etc.”

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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