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    IBR problem with Spark **C2161 low voltage

    IBR problem with Spark **C2161 low voltage

    Hi guys,

    i've one problem with sea doo Spark 3up, when im start give me beep error of IBR the error code is **C2161 "low voltage detect".

    i've check with BUDS and the position of IBR is -52 and i cant autocalibrate the IBR.

    Please help me.


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    sounds like water may have gotten into the motor, or the connectors are corroded.

    Salt water in play?

    could be a number of electrical issues according to the service manual ( all the typical issues we've seen a dozen times on other seadoo models). I'd check to see what the actual voltage was with the engine running.

    check the #6 fuse also

    the spark error code list is posted on another site, I found it in a couple of seconds. Service manual has more info it says.

    I haven't wrenched a spark yet, but I've dealt with a number of IBS issues on 4-tecs so far.

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