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    Double jet ski trailer loaded measurements?

    I'm sure all are slightly different but I'm dealing with limited space in my garage and was curious to hear how much space yours need. I'll have two GTI 130s and have read the width should be around 8 foot 3 inches, the length is tricky since they will likely hang over the back a little.

    Can someone share their model of trailer, loaded width and length?

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    Do you have a specific trailer right now?

    The max legal width for trailers is 102" (8 1/2 feet).

    Depending on the trailer design and the watercraft hull width sometimes the outer edges of the hulls extend past the trailer fenders, so the overall width can end up at more than 102"

    Trailer design also dictates how much overhang, if any, there will be beyond the rear edge of the trailer itself. While you can adjust the winch tower location forward or back to shift where the hull sits on the bunks, this also changes the balance of the trailer and the tongue weight.

    It is important to maintain a certain minimum tongue weight, which in turn affects where the hull weight must sit relative to the trailer axle underneath.

    One way to reduce the overall trailer length in storage is to install a hinge in the trailer tongue. Fulton makes a retrofit hinge. You fold the tongue back against the trailer in storage, then swing it out and lock in position for towing.
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    I dont have one in mind right now. I haven't had to choose yet. My dad has the hinge on his boat trailer, I didn't know you could get one for a pwc trailer. I also never thought of moving the wench tower up. Thanks.

    I'm fairly certain it will fit, it's a two car garage but I've already got a work trailer in there. After measuring it should all fit but wills be pretty tight in there. My dealer was going to measure after leaving the boat show but I think he forgot.

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    My Triton double is 101.5 wide between the fenders. The skis do not hang out past the fenders. Legally they couldnt hang out past the fenders. If they did you would need an oversize permit to haul it.

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