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    Triton vs Others with surge brakes - Surging/jerking during level towing?

    I just purchased a Triton WC2-2 tandem with torsion axle's from Surdyke Yamaha at LOTO and love it! I had a Haul Rite dual PWC single axle with leaf springs and it bounced all over the place.

    I decided to upgrade to the surge brake on one of the axle's. Has anyone has a similar setup and noticed a jerking while on a flat road. I figured it was just the momentum of the trailer was causing the surge brake to pulse on and off, but was not sure.

    Any advice would be great!!
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    How much of an effect are you feeling or hearing from the trailer?

    Just a gentle tug while maintaining steady speed or something harsher?

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    I have the same trailer with surge discs. Do you notice the jerking when you get on the brakes & when pulling away from a stop? It's from the coupler shifting back & forth a little on the hitch ball, & that may be the cause of the jerking you're feeling. There is a plunger on the coupler that activates the brake, so when you get on the brakes of your tow vehicle the weight of the trailer pushes against that plunger. There is an adjustment on it that allows you to move the plunger closer to the ball. That will cut out some of the jerking but won't eliminate it completely. You don't want to adjust too tight against the ball because it might cause the brakes to stay on & cause excessive wear.

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