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    rrfpr problems on rxt 05

    I just installed my brand new riva fuel reg. When I put the lanyard in the fuel pump turns on and builds pressure in the system. The fuel pressure reads 58 but then returns to zero shortly after. I dont think this is ment to happen.
    I installed the same kit on my old ski and it always held pressure when the lanyard was inserted but the ski not started...
    any ideas is the unit faulty.

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    It's not the RR that causes it to bleed down it's the seals on the tube in the pump canister. Not a big deal the pressure will hold fine when running mine does the same thing. The fix would be better sealing at the tube top and bottom.

    I fixed mine after I replaced the pump using the rubber hose at the pump and modifying the tube to slide over it tight... now the top seal leaks a bit so it bleeds down half as fast. My ski runs 9K with no fuel issues the way it is.

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