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    oil cooler removal

    I need to remove my oil cooler on my rxp 2006. do I need to remove the intake manifold and is it bolted on or screws ?? if bolts what size if screws are they torx or flat or pozzy.. all new to me this but im willing to give it ago.. thx.

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    1/4 inch socket will do it.
    Yes i believe intake manifold needs to be disconnected, you can scoot it out of the way enough i believe.

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    OK thx.. Will try that way ..

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    ok oil cooler off now.. to test it for leaks can I pressure test it, if so what pressure should I got to.thx .

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    I did mine at 10 psi and sprayed soapy water on it and was able to see that it was shot.

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    ok thx travis

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