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    GTX 255 IS Limited (where to mount gopro at stern)

    Hello all

    Im new to the world of gopro's and ive been scratching my head about where to mount a rear facing gopro on a gtx 255 is limited

    the only potential i could find is the panel at the stern that has all the little holes in it, i think i can get a concurve sticky mount on there and then back it up with some tie straps to the handle at the rear of the seat

    the suction cup doesnt seem to work anywhere

    when it comes to the stern, where is everyone mounting their gopro's and how ?


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    any spot where you have a flat or slightly angled surface the suctioncup will work as long as its dry when you attach the suctioncup... im on an rxp so i know its different but as long as it will attach have a leash on it and you will be fine

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    What about right above the tow eye? Looks like a flat surface. You might have to use a few of the connectors to get the angle right. I'm assuming you're trying to get a shot of what happening behind you right?

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    I have mine mounted on rear swingarm down towards bottom to the left of the IS decal. using the gopro 3m adhesive mount.

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