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Thread: Which Pistons?

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    Which Pistons?

    Hey guys, rebuilding my 99 gp1200 motor. It had some sort of issue before I bought it, long story short, I've determined it needs 3 new Pistons and a new sleeve for the middle cylinder (and new rings, wrist pins / bearings etc). Trying to figure out which Pistons would be best for me, mostly I'm just looking for the motor to be reliable. I'm boring all the cylinders 5mm over for I get a fresh surface on the sleeves I'm not replacing.

    Thanks for the advice!


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    Open Budget (PRO-X or Factory Pistons)

    On a tight budget (SBT)

    I've used SBT pistons and put high compression heads on there and never had a problem, I'm building a stroker motor and I'm using factory pistons my compression will be at 225 PSI. If you need parts of Boring PM I have Pistons in Stock.

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    I agree with Danetwork... Pro-X or OEM. If it's a stock machine... go WSM or SBT.

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