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    Beat Show Review and Impressions

    Well, I went to the boat show today to check out the new Sea-Doos and Yamahas, and these are my impressions:

    - I was stunned at the poor quality of assembly of the models on display and some of the materials used on the Sea-Doos, like OMG! The Yamahas' appeared much better built and refined.
    - For the most part, the new color scheme for the Sea-Doos looked just as bad in person as it did on photos. The Yamaha colors were... well, much more refined.
    - Nothing beats the Sea-Doos when it comes to ergonomics... the Yamahas are just simply not in the game compared to Sea-Doos.

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    So your only comments are that seadoos quality sucks and so do their colors but Yamaha is not in the game?? One can only assume you are bipolar? Lol

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