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    old and new school

    hi there,,just want to give some info on who I am and what I do.
    I live in Aruba, and have been the leading tech on the island regarding 2 strokes and 4-strokes.
    I do them all: I run my own shop over here,and repair,maintain,tune all from the oldest to the newest models.
    This has been my life,hobby and income. I enjoy the work,and above all ,want to keep my customers/friends happy.
    I have worked on anything from old school to the newest kawasaki 310..As strange as it may sound,the ski I run the most is
    my seadoo XP 1996,,that is right. Till now i have found no ski with better handling and wave jumping capabilities then this ski.
    although I owned many a ski,,this XP is my favorite toy.
    Also running my own creation,which is the seadoo GTI 2007 modified with the setup from a seadoo RXP
    this ski is awesome to run,and creates a lot of raised eyebrows.
    I have the pleasure to have my own BRP buds with the mastertec key,also the yamaha diagnostics as well the kawasaki.
    biggest problem being an technical guy on an island,,,is parts. 'everytime a client comes in and parts are needed,they have to be ordered. There is nothing on the island.I have my own stock of parts,,but one cannot stockpile all the parts for all the skis on the island.
    but hey,if that is the only thing to complain about,then it is not that bad after all. Here in Aruba everybody rides on sunday. you will see almost no locals out there during the week,, Sunday is the big day. And I can assure you,,for a small island there is a lot of skis out there.We have the whole shaboo: seadoo rxps/rxp-x/ 260's/ rxt/rxt-x / yamaha gpr1200/ 1300/ fx / sho/fzr/vx/ kawasaki ultra/stx series/and much more.
    this is keeping me very busy,but I enjoy the work.I have tuned many a ski on the island.There are basicly 3 groups of jetskiers on the island: the ones that want to go as fast as possible/ the onces that just want to relax and ride / the onces that are all out in the rough,wavejumping,rough water riding (thats my group!!).
    there are 3 great spots for wavejumping,as these have constant nice 3 to 8 ft waves.There are many more locations,,but one mistake will send you right into the fun .
    so,that's a bit on myself..If one day you should decide to come to aruba for a vacation,,give me a message. Will see what I can do to take you out there in the Caribbean sea..

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    Someday ill take you up on that offer!

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