I have just gotten my first GPRXP and from reading a lot of the forums I feel I have the slowest one there is. My goal is to get it to go as fast as possible but keeping it as a every day all day rider. I don't want to end up blowing something every time I ride it or having to let it cool down after every run/pass. If any one could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.
Here's what's in it already:
2004 gpr hull
2009 Seadoo 255 motor
supertech valve train
ter box 29 cam
riva xx charger
4'' air intake
inter-cooler(not sure which type)
exhaust spacer
green fuel injectors(I think 42lb)
aero motive fuel pressure regulator
riva extended trim tabs(shim down in line with hull)
ride plate - looks like an R&D one. previous owner said it is a cut ride plate.(2 washers in the rear bolts)
scoop grate( not sure which one)
*solas 14/20
Yamaha 155mm pump
Stock ECU
Ski runs 81.2mph. Can't remember the exact rpms.