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    Video: Jetskishop.comís 2015 Tangalooma Adventure Ride (Gallery)

    People typically don’t care much for salesmen. For most, it’s the process of being “sold” that is so off-putting. So when a dealership can provide service that goes above and beyond the expectations of its customers, the buying process is all the more enjoyable. Likewise, when a dealership can actually build a long-lasting relationship with is customers, that is a rare instance indeed.

    That is what we at strive every day to do, and we’ve been pretty successful, especially through our monthly adventure rides. Not only do we speak “jet ski” better than most, offering new and pre-owned personal watercraft from all the major manufacturers, but also invite our customers to join us for some awesome riding to some of the most picturesque locations!

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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