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Thread: 4-tec timing.

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    4-tec timing.

    Hi guys, timing up the 4-tec motor. I have the timing locking tools.

    I have 2 questions.

    1. I have took the timing chain off the camshaft gear and I spun the bottom end (with the rocker arm shaft and camshaft removed) just to check where I had a problem with either the head or bottom end.

    I take it i just need to make #1 piston tdc and then insert the locking tool?

    2. I noticed that when you re-fit the camshaft timing gear that when the 3 Allan Bolts are not tight that there is quite abit of movement from side to side on the gear, I take it with the camshaft locked I just try and make sure the 1503 marks on the gear line up the the top of the head then tighten down the Allan bolts?

    thanks guys

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    #3 is TDC!!

    You did remove the chain tensioner?

    When you finally check for the alignment marks, make sure you put back chain tensioner to get proper reference

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    Sorry yes #3 I wasnt near the engine when I wrote this tread. Lol

    yeah the tensioner is removed. I'm not putting it back together just yet but I'm just making sure I know 100% before I'm ready.

    I also marked up on the gear and chain so I know they go back 100% how they came apart but the only thing I wasn't sure of was when its all back together but if I have the 3 Allan bolts in place on the gear but NOT tightened down, I could then rotate the engine either way slightly before the head starts to rotate. If you understand what I mean?

    Thats why I'm thinking, once it's all ready to be put back together I instsall everything and line everything up then with the 3 Allan screws in place I just make sure the 1503 marks are online with the head then tighten them down.

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    Here is a picture when I was setting up cam timing to factory specs. Hope this helps.
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    Many threads have been devoted to this.
    make sure you check the compression after you set the marks.
    should be between 120-150

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    Cyl 3 is tdc, you can use a dial indicator to make sure its exactly tdc found at any napa, autozone etc. Also you can use a regular Phillips head to lock the cam but since you have the tool that's easier. Make sure the 1503 lines mark up and the little "side to side" movement in the cam is to retard or advance the timing. I always leave it a slight more toward the advanced side that's just my opinion. Good luck.

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    Awesome that's a big help thanks guys!

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