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    RXP 260 Engine Re-Build/PTO Coupler Damage

    Hello Everyone,

    Recently my mate purchased his first ski, a Seadoo 2012 260 RXPX but it hasn't been the dream purchase he first imagined.

    The ski was located 5hrs away and under the promise that the ski was in good running condition by the owner along with a Seadoo Dealer, he made the trip. This wasn't the case as during the first test ride the ski wouldn't rev past 6,500rpm hesitating and an engine warning light was displayed. They connected the diagnostic machine and had a throttle body fault code present, which they erased and tested the ski again, still the same hesitation and throttle body fault code present. They didn't have an available throttle body to test on the ski but pointed towards this being the main cause for the lack of performance and possibly because the supercharger required servicing. After hearing from numerous members that were present at the lake claiming they have seen the ski running perfectly he decided to purchase the ski at a negotiated cost.

    The following weekend I volunteered to help him diagnose the issue and took along my throttle body to swap. Upon removal of the throttle body it was obvious that it had seized closed, after nearly an hour using WD40 we managed to get the butterfly to operate smoothly and throughout its complete operating range, the fault code disappeared. The main concern was how the throttle body seized in the first place and suspected a leaking intercooler. A pressure test wasn't even required as by just filling the cooling passage; water could be seen leaking out of the air passages.
    The oil also showed signs of excessive water ingression, something they had checked before test riding the ski initially and it hadn't been the creamy colour it was now.
    I removed the spark plugs and looking down into the cylinders could see that there was quite a bit of water sitting on top of the pistons. Inlet manifold was the next part to be removed and as expected it was full of water.
    Cylinder compression tests had the following results:
    No.2 cylinder showed nearly a 20% variation to the other two cylinders but it was no surprise as I could see the condition of the valves/seats through the inlet side of the head, all cylinder ports were heavily corroded!
    We decided the best way to proceed was to remove the engine completely and carry out a full inspection for any further damage from the water ingress.
    By the end of the weekend the engine was fully stripped and a further list of damaged engine parts. The pistons were stuck in the bores with the rings rusted (will be interesting getting them out but for the moment have been left soaking in lube), cylinder bores have rusted, valves heavily corroded along with ports and seats, valve springs the engine started amazed me!

    It's obvious now that the intercooler had been leaking previously when the original owner had been using the ski and gone unnoticed, the extensive damage to the engine would've happened during the 3 months the ski was being advertised for sale as it had sat in a showroom without being started and with the cylinders full of water.

    One thing that I'm concerned about is the damage on the PTO Coupler that I noticed, there are scores to the outside casing and also damage to the internal seal and inner casing lip, there is also scoring damage to the inside of the Stator. I was wondering whether anyone else has experienced this damage before as I'm trying to work out what has caused this before we rebuild the engine and put it back in? I understand that the PTO Coupler can be changed with a bit of persuasion fortunately but wanted to ensure the cause had also been corrected.

    Thanks in advance for any help and advice.


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