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    Exclamation 2008 RXP 155, Re-starting issue. driving me insane.

    hey guys,
    love reading all your posts etc, but now i come on bended knee with hat in hand, as i am completly at a loss.
    i have a 2008 rxp 155 here in AUS. it is my first ski, it has been great but lately has been sending me to the looney bin.

    So the problem is: first start it will kick over no problem, second start (after 15mins 0f running) can sometimes take a push or two) third start. game over. now when i say it wont start. its basically failing to crank, (slow cranking).

    however if i wait 20mins and let the ski sit, it will start first push. (ive proven this like 15 times).
    i have replaced the starter(old type) with a new one (new type). ive replaced the starter motor itself.
    ive checked the battery with a professional load tester (marine electronics tech by trade).
    and ive check spark plugs, fuel pump and inspected for water etc.
    recent oil change and oil filter was also changed. with no improvement.
    when running this thing is awesome. of late however it has been running slightly rough at idle.
    intake and impellor are free of any obstruction.

    so i have drawn i few conclusions (remember im new to this however):

    if it was a battery issue why would it restart after resting.
    if it was a crank shaft why would it restart after resting.
    if it was a ECU why arent there any alarms/ errors.
    the only thing i havent tried is shorting out the NEG- terminal to the engine to get a better earth, but will be trying that this weekend(no point trying it in the garage as it needs a run to see the issue)

    please boys help a bloke out.
    happy to answer any questions to get this resolved, and buying a new SC ski isnt a financial option at the moment sorry

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    Change the starter solonoid, $18 aftermarket

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    Double post

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    hey mate, thanks for your input but if you read my post it mentions i changed the starter by which i mean the starter solenoid.

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    Have you tried jumping the solenoid terminals when you have a no start condition?

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    hi mate, no i havent but i will to rule it out 100% considering your asking.
    the reason i havent done it yet is the issue was happening before the replacement solenoid was put in and its a brand new one.
    going from my professional experience with electrical relays, the way in which this fault is intermitently occuring, as needing to cool down/sit for a period of time, leads me to think its not the relay. also its not like the thing isnt cranking at all, only slow cranking
    but as i said ill be doing some on water testing this weekend, so if i could get a list of a few things to try that would be great,
    so your idea just got added, anything else you can think of (if hypothetically there isn't an issue with the solenoid/ relay)????

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    hey guys, manage replicate the fault on the trailer and tried to bridge the starter relay and connect extra earth wire, with no joy.
    still seem to have an issue with the slow crank when hot. any ideas?

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    I'd say battery check clvoltage while cranking I bet ya it on its last leg the 155s have real high compression at 200 psi I have a 155 too when it sits it gives the battery just enough recovery time probibly when it does turn over the reason why it doesn't start is the ecu is not getting engh voltage to run while cranking

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    make sure your pos and neg cables are ok and not corroded inside

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    hey, guys, thanks for the input i appreciate it.
    i have tried a different battery, to rule out a voltage drop occuring.
    i have checked all the positive and negative cables and run voltage checks ok both ends of the cabling when cranking.
    im not saying its not a power issue, but there isnt much more i can test to prove a fault with that side of things.
    im taking it to the local Seadoo outlet in a weeks time to get it hooked up to the diagnosis system.
    if you have any suggestions RE checking engine etc. let me know. would love to save myself the $$$$$ as in AUS everything seadoo is double if not triple the price of the US.

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